N0.008 I support Russia's participation in the Belt and Road Initiative in China. Russia will not be able to fight without China's approval. To all of NATO. I support Russia's participation in the Belt and Road Initiative in China. Russia's military power against the EU will be dramatically increased. That's because it will strengthen EU integration. ・・・ Theme label: Russian participation in Belt and Road, Challenges of the European Union, German choice Category label: Macroeconomics,

If Russia joins China's Belt and Road initiative, Russia will not be able to fight without China's approval. Russia's war will hit the Chinese economy.

Everyone of NATO. We support Russia's participation in China's Belt and Road initiative. Russia's anti-EU military power will be dramatically enhanced. The United States will refuse any further burden.
The EU will have to tackle this as a matter of its own. All EU member states will share a sense of purpose and will need to strengthen EU integration.
I believe that this EU consolidation is also beneficial for me living in Japan.

The problem will be overcome. Russia can not do war without China's favor. This will help overcome the problem.

The EU member states may only think of getting their own benefit from the EU, so they will continue to leave ethnic conflict between minorities in Europe. However, as I will explain below, I think that the resolution of minority disputes can not be done by the parties alone.

President Putin tried to grant Russian citizenship in a peaceful manner to Russian citizens who wish to have Russian citizenship. In the eyes of one Japanese, it appeared that NATO countries did not choose a stance to seek a peaceful solution through negotiations.

The policy of giving Russian citizenship to Russian citizens who want Russian citizenship, in principle, thinks that even the support of the United States can be obtained.
This should have to be assumed to solve the problem.
Of course, I think that this problem can not be solved by principle theory alone.

However, the solution should have failed when it was not possible to stop the armed conflict.
Ukraine is not the only source of ethnic conflict.

People of ethnic minorities should surely be convinced that they will be abandoned from the EU.

The principle of self-righteousness is that you will be totally responsible in your own country. In the eyes of President Trump, it appears that the EU will not take responsibility for its own defenses, so that it would mean denying the United States the burden of NATO. Countries that choose to join the EU should be EU first.

If the EU is responsible for being EU first, it should understand what should be done. Responsible free will can find out the solution to the problem. Russia will understand that it is possible to negotiate a peaceful solution with the EU. I think so.

We support Russia's participation in China's Belt and Road initiative. First of all, I point out. Russia will not be able to make war unless it gets China's favor.

I deter war. The lesson of the war history of World War II, when we could not stop the war, everything was over. It was so for Japan too. If we forget this, everything is meaningless.
I do not want anyone to die in war.

China's economy is now a complete member of the global economic cycle. A catastrophe that has occurred somewhere in the world economy will certainly spread to the Chinese economy. If Russia causes a war, it will certainly cause some global economic catastrophe. China should not be able to tolerate the occurrence of this situation.

Countries such as the EU can make decisions on the premise of this. Russia can also make decisions on the assumption that the EU makes a decision based on this. Both Russia and the EU can trust each other's intention when they make decisions to avoid war.

I think Russian people are still suffering by the ghost of memories of past history that has been repeatedly invaded. Russia has been invaded to the depths of the country in the past, and it has been repeated the history that has been recaptured. It has been a big sacrifice.

I think that the ghost of this memory of the past history is still the heart of Russian people. But now I think that the possibility of being released is born.
I think Russia in the future can choose to avoid war.

Having a military force for security and making a choice between using military force or avoiding it as a deterrent should be another problem.

Now, the EU seems to have various problems. Russia and China continue to have the same problems as the EU has, and both governments have continued to fulfill their governance responsibilities.
Both countries should be able to understand what needs to be done.

About concrete measures, I will not reach judgment enough. However, these two countries will find effective measures.

Each other will understand the other. And I think that each other will confirm, for the first time in history, that they have obtained the best partner on an equal basis. It is an unparalleled partner of the win-win relationship that China always claims.

The Belt and Road concept, in which Russia has participated, is expected to achieve growth that no one has anticipated as a unified economic zone.

At present, Russia's vast land will be a frontier of the dawn. Russia itself did not know the potential value of this frontier. For Russia, the purpose of participating in the Belt and Road initiative is to exploit this vast frontier.
It is foolish that Russia seeks profits from the aggression outside.

I heard that after World War II, imperialism, which relies on colonial management of its own economy, proved to be inadequate. I heard that it was proved appropriate that the economies of the countries were rebuilt as one global economy, with all the colonies independent.

For the unified economic zone of China and Russia, the outside world should be a market that benefits from economic exchange. War hurts this market. Is it a choice to avoid?

I will put one question. For Russia, which of the benefits is greater when it comes to costing military interventions in various East European conflicts versus spending the same cost on pioneering the domestic frontier?

If Russia joins the Belt and Road initiative, China will buy all of Russia's rich natural resources. As in the past, there is no need to sell to Europe or extend the pipeline to Japan. It will not even be used as a means of economic sanctions.

China trades with the whole world. Russia cooperates with China and the economy. Russia will choose all industries that the whole world needs, such as space stations and contact spacecraft, and will put all its power into that industry. If Russia specializes, it will not lose to other countries. China will understand the benefits of role sharing.

For defense, deploy sufficient military power that will not break through the Russian border. Russia will be able to deploy military forces of unmatched scale with the past. Even if the border line is crossed, the enemy which entered the country of Russia too much is defeated in the past war. And it is the cause of the collapse of the enemy country.

The EU will have to face Russia. If the obstacles caused by the East European conflict spread to Russia, it would be necessary for Russia to engage in military intervention even if it does not have economic benefits for Russia.

Respecting sovereignty over conflict zones means that EU countries face each other, with the stance that they are unrelated third parties. Both parties of the dispute will not be able to do anything to distrust the other without being left alone, isolated and without any means.

Both parties to the conflict are exhausted and tired of continuing to hate the other. Both parties to the conflict longingly want to be freed from suffering. The two parties to the dispute wish to be merciful rather than be in conflict. Both sides of the conflict understand that, on the surface of consciousness, the enemies on the other side of the valley are only people who want to live peacefully and happily with our same family.

However, the memories of the tragedy of the past, within their own, have become the curse of the mind that the person has nothing to do with it. As long as the environment does not change, it can be said that the people alone can not do anything. They should need the help of a third party.

There should be a way. For example, it would be possible to educate children in conflict zones with the best universities in the EU. It will be of great significance for children to know the new world they have never known before. People in conflict areas will understand that they have not been abandoned. There should be a way.

I am paying attention to Germany. Germany is understood to be a country that has historically been a war-torn country, surrounded by two military powers, Russia and France. I am interested in the historical experience that Germany was, as a party, in the midst of repeated tragedy.

That's why I am convinced that German people would keep an eye on the essence of historical and social situations with outstanding problem awareness and have gained outstanding insights on the essence of historical and social conditions. I think that the wounds hurt by the history of the German people will still be immense.

I heard that German people are recognized as follows. "In World War II, the Germans killed far more Russians than the Germans killed. Russia would definitely review."

The plights that the Germans have in mind will be the same. It will be understood by the Europeans that it is not appropriate to impose all the crimes of war on the Germans. The war has deeply hurt the hearts of all people in Europe. The people of Europe are still unable to heal the wounds of the war.

I will pay attention to whether the Germans are to choose revenge on historical ideas or to break the chain of revenge.

In the latter case, I think that the outstanding insights that the Germans have learned about the nature of the history and social situation will be an irreplaceable force to save many people.

I have already sent the above contents to various people. If my statement is convincing, it can be used as a diplomatic tool. Fortunately for me.

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