NO.029 Let's keep an eye on the outcome of the conflict between the United States and Iran. Will the U.S. start war on the grounds that President Trump doesn't like the Iranian government's remarks? Hahaha, no way. ・・・ Theme label: A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: Iran

As of July 18, 2019, Iran continues to declare that, "We will continue to make highly enriched uranium beyond the ceiling set in the nuclear agreement, unless the economic sanctions that have been promised in the nuclear agreement have been lifted." ing.

Since nuclear weapons require more than 90 percent enriched uranium, the United States can not make a war with Iran because Iran continues to produce about 5 percent uranium?

When the US gets into a war, many Americans die. Because Trump is angry at the remarks of the Iranian government, the United States will start a war and as a result, Americans will not forgive Americans to die.

Doesn't it mean that the U.S. people and the nuclear agreement participating countries must admit that Iran's uranium enrichment is within the scope of peaceful use?
So, countries other than the United States can not face Iran with a strong stance.

It seems that participating countries in the nuclear agreement are also struggling to respond?

However, as a matter of fact, Iran is suffering from economic sanctions. Even if it continues to produce 5 percent enriched uranium, Iran will not be released from the situation that continues to suffer from economic sanctions.

What will be the future ahead?

I think Iran has room for counter measures against the United States. President Trump seems to have many enemies.
Even if the United States continues to tighten economic sanctions and demand to follow Iran, if Iran continues to refuse, President Trump's prestige may be hurt.
This may be used by President Trump's domestic enemies.

If another person becomes president in the next US presidential election, is there any possibility that the policy towards Iran will change?
The impression received from Japanese media reports is that Trump has many enemies. However, there should be many passionate supporters of President Trump. No matter how many enemies there are, passionate supporters should support him.
However, if he makes a big mistake and loses his supporters' support, he may not be able to re-election.

As the impression from mass media reports, the stance of the Trump administration towards Iran seems to be unreasonably hard.
His extremely hard stance would be side by side with the dangers that could lead to emergencies such as war.

I think that he is always side by side with the danger of causing a great blunder to lose his supporters' support.

Because I do not know how much I do not know, I can not say anything sure.

I think that President Trump may be evaluated to be a wonderful president when his eight-year term is over.

Let's watch how the confrontation between Iran and the United States will change in the future.

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