NO.038 I suggest that Iran take over the safety of navigation in the Strait of Holmes. Let me mention the risks of non-US countries participating in volunteer associations. ・・・ Theme label: Dar Al-Islam constructed by Saudi Aramco's 200 trillion yen money creation. A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: the Coalition of the willing,Iran

We propose that Iran take on and secure the safety of navigation in the Strait of the Holmes.

The safety of navigation in the Strait of Holmes should be a benefit to Iran. It should be in the interests of Iran that the vessels sailing the Strait of Holmes take on securing security, even if they are registered in another country.

It is hard to think that the leader of the recent tanker terrorism is Iran. First of all, there is no benefit for Iran to conduct such terrorism. Not only that, but Iran is suspected first.
Moreover, it is right after the time that Mr. Homemé of Iran requested the Japanese Prime Minister Abe to conduct an arbitration with the United States. Conducting such acts of terrorism at the same time would put Abe, who accepted the arbitration, at a disadvantage and destroy the trusting relationship between Japan and Iran.
It will be a third party conspiracy trying to defeat Iran.

I think this is something everyone will consider.

If Mr. Homen did not ask the Prime Minister Abe for an arbitration with the United States at this point in time, suspicion of terrorism would have been more intense in Iran.

Did Iran detect this third party's conspiracy in advance and make an arbitration request to Prime Minister Abe as a defense measure?

Situations where such conspiracy is carried out are concerned about the surrounding situation, and do not know what accident to cause.

It is preferable to accept Iran to secure the safety of navigation in the Holmes Strait to eliminate the destabilizing factor of the situation.
For the United States and participating countries in the Coalition of the willing, I think that prompt resolution of this problem is desirable.

Iran continues to declare "We will continue to produce highly enriched uranium beyond the limit of the nuclear agreement, because promised cancellation of sanctions will not be implemented."

The concentrated uranium that Iran continues to produce is around 5 percent. Since the enrichment rate of uranium required for the production of nuclear weapons is over 90%, even if Iran gradually increases the uranium enrichment rate, the concentration of enriched uranium will not exceed the area of ​​peaceful use. I will.

In this situation, the Coalition of the willing can not conclude that "Iran intends to produce nuclear weapons" and start a war with Iran on this ground.

In wars where legitimacy to start war is not recognized, it would be unbearable for soldiers and their families to lose their lives.
The administration that committed such a war will be exposed to criticism of the people, and the survival of the administration itself will be at risk.

For the country other than the United States, participating members of the Coalition of the willing must also be interested in the success or failure of the second presidential election of the United States President Trump.
If the Democratic president is born in the next US presidential election, the policy towards Iran may be changed. The volunteer coalition may be disbanded.

The administrations of Coalition of the willing countries other than the United States may be forced into trouble.

I would like to point out one of the crisis factors in the presidential election for President Tramb, who I am aware of.
President Trump spoke to three female Democrats: "Go back to your home country."
I recognize that this statement itself is a critique of three personal ideologies and not racism.

I have heard that there is an ideology in the United States of America: "The one who agrees with the American founding principle and chooses America as his own home country is American."

And, "If three members of the Democratic Party immigrate to the United States and deny the United States government, they should be instrumental in returning to their country of origin and rebuilding their country of origin on the verge of collapse." I recognized that it was President Trump's claim to condemn the ideology of the three Democrats.

However, my perception I just mentioned may have been wrong. His supporters continued to call at the rally, in favor of him, "Send back three people." When he was accused of this, he said, "I am not asking for a continuous call. I will not racist. That continuous call is not my responsibility." He passed on responsibilities to his supporters.

He has many enemies, but his enthusiastic supporters should have been the lifeblood for him. I think he may have lost the support of his supporters.

I think his re-election in the next US presidential election may be difficult.

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