NO.037 I would like China, Russia and India to participate in the Coalition of the willing. To persuade America to avoid war with Iran. Iranian people will want jihad somewhere in their hearts. If America does not choose to avoid war, war will be inevitable. ・・・ Theme label: The possibility of the dissolution of the United Nations by America First,A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: the Coalition of the willing,Iran

I would like to join China, Russia, and even India, the Coalition of the willing. To persuade the United States to avoid the war with Iran.

I think that many countries want the United States and Iran to avoid war. I think many countries want to persuade the United States and Iran to avoid war.

In the world situation, events such as war have their influence spread to every corner of the whole world. The war between the United States and Iran in the Middle East is a major disadvantage for many countries.
Many countries understand this.

In order to try to persuade the United States to avoid the war with Iran, I think a nation must join a volunteer coalition. Because now America does not have the intention to listen to the remarks of countries other than the Coalition of the willing.

Countries that have a voice to influence the United States are China, Russia, and India.
India is the hub of the Indian Ocean. For the United States, it should be necessary for India to be a supporter. The United States will have to listen to India's remarks.

The war situation in the Middle East is a major obstacle to oil supply to many countries.

From the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal, it will be an obstacle to sea navigation through the Indian Ocean.

Above all, it will intensify the conflict between Muslims and Christians worldwide.

If the current situation continues, the war between the United States and Iran will not be avoided, and if it comes to war, Iran will be destroyed by the United States.
People in Iran seem to want this by themselves somewhere in their heart.

In the minds of the Iranian people, there must be a Jihad thought. I understand that Jihad is to prove to Allah the faith of the people of Iran who are Muslims.
I understand that jihad is a battle with those who attack the way of Allah. I heard that fighting and dying of jihad is considered to be the act of the highest faith. Fighting and dying of jihad was heard as an act of atonement that forgives all sins.

I think the people of Iran want somewhere in their heart to step up to the war with America and prove their faith in Allah.

Even small countries can dominate diplomacy against military powers. Being a small country, it is not uncommon to acquire good diplomatic means to continue survival.

But it seems that Iran is trying to choose to fight the United States and Jihad, not to dominate US diplomacy.

If the United States does not choose to evade a war with Iran, Iran will take a jihad with the United States and as a result Iran will be destroyed. Iran will make this choice to prove its faith in Allah.

The destruction of Iran by the United States will be reflected in the eyes of Muslims all over the world, "The Muslim country has been destroyed by Christians."

Many Muslims in the whole world will decide to jihad with Christians.

Finally, I suggest the solution that seems to be the best. It is to join Iran in  the Coalition of the willing.
In that case, the purpose of the Coalition of the willing is to prove the safety of navigation in the Holmes Strait purely, and it will be proved to the eyes of people all over the world.
Ensuring the safety of navigation in the Strait of Holmes is also of benefit to Iran.

This will solve all the above problems in the best possible way.

If Iran declares, “It is the way of Allah to secure the safety of our friends,” it should be a great persuasive force for all Christians.

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