NO.039 On January 2, 2019, a sentence written during the Kyutyu general saga. At that time, I was thinking about this. The Emperor Heisei respected the Constitution of Japan with his own will and chose to be a symbolic emperor. All was to not lose irreplaceable peace. ・・・Theme label: Showa Emperor and Heisei Emperor

Emperor Emperor. I have the same wish as your Majesty. I was not alone.

The Emperor of Heisei has respected the current Constitution of Japan and has chosen to live as a symbolic emperor. All is to prevent the loss of irreplaceable peace from this Japan.
Your Majesty himself spoke at a recent interview.

So, I think that the Emperor of Heisei was chosen by the Emperor of Showa in agreement with the intention of the Emperor of Showa, and that he also inherited.

His Majesty the Emperor is also an ordinary human being same with us. He may make a mistake.He may get out of the way of people. His Majesty himself will think so.
However, it will be said that something like this can happen.
It may be said that there is something that says, "Judgment that can be made because he was born as a king, and because he is a person who has lived under his own special duties.”

The king is also a person, sometimes making mistakes, sometimes going off the road. This will continue to afflict the king for a long time, and the king will continue making corrections one by one. ... I think it can happen.

At the end of the Great East Asia War, the Emperor Showa emperor was activated theRoyal prerogative... In constitutional politics, the king unconditionally trusts his subjects and entrusts all decisions of the state to his subjects. However, when the state loses its function and no one in the state can make any decision, the king will decide on the way of the state. This is the great power of the king,Royal prerogative.

No one in the Great Japanese Empire could make the decision to defeat. The Emperor of Showa was completely responsible for himself and made a decision to accept the defeat.

"The Declaration of Humanity." Is the recommendation of Gen. MacArthur. However, it should not have been compulsory. "Forcing the Declaration of Humanity" always produces grief and always causes the next tragedy. Again, I do not know how much American blood is shed. The United States should have feared this.

The Emperor of Showa himself was decided, and he was taken by the "Human Declaration" and elected to live as a symbolic emperor. And, the Emperor of Heisei was chosen by his own intention to be inherited the intention of the Emperor of Showa.

I understand now. This is the reason why the peace of 70 years after the war was maintained and the current Constitution of Japan could not be changed at all.

"Respect the Constitution of Japan and live as a symbolic emperor" ... This was the intention of the Showa and Heisei Emperors. His Majesty was never forced on anyone. However, I realized that my Majesty's unwavering intention could not be defeated by any Japanese government.

For the past 70 years, other countries should have decided on their policies for Japan, assuming Japan that adheres to the Japanese Constitution. So now, if we change the constitution, the policies of Japan in other countries will change fundamentally. Japanese people, have you ever considered this?
No matter how much the accusations, which can be interpreted as human rights bribes of the Japanese government, are resolved at the UN, has not Japan ever been accepted because of the existence of the Japanese constitution?

I want to ask you one question here. The Dainippon Empire Constitution is an independent constitution by Japanese hands. It says, "The emperor of Japan rule over the Great Japan Empire" Does this mean that those who made the constitution have ordered the Emperor of Japan, “Rule over the Great Japanese Empire"?
What happens if the Emperor is denied that he is a ruler? I hear that the Emperor of the Meiji Era also wanted relegation.

The Showa and Heisei Emperors came to see the times when they lived. As a result, the two Majesty would say that he respected the Constitution of Japan and decided that he would be a symbolic Emperor.
Perhaps I think that I was determined to make my final intention after suffering from suffering and being carefully considered.
Well, and now, the Emperor of Heisei has decided to resign, judging that it is time to consign later things to the Crown Prince and Prince Akishima.

The future of the Emperor and the Imperial Family should be decided by the Emperor and the Imperial Family at that time. Because no one else can decide. Do not you think so?

In the future, it may be time for the Majesty the Emperor to again make decisions by the Royal prerogative. So it might not be good. But no one else can decide anything. There is no regret in having entrusted everything to His Royal prerogative, if His Majesty decided and would not overcome it. ... Do not you think so?

By the way, the king's great power is exercised regardless of the laws of the country. Isn't it unforeseeable to legalize the case in which the emperor's great power is exercised?
The great power of the king sometimes falls into dictatorship, but it is essentially that the nation loses its function and is triggered in the last phase.

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