NO.022 In Islam, interpretation of the scriptures is entrusted to ordinary teachers (religious leaders). The teacher's interpretation will be considered correct. The sect was born because the teachers interpreted the scriptures differently. ・・・ Theme label: A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: Iran, religious sociology

Ask the following contents to Islamic people. This problem has been done so many times in the past.

Iran has produced low-enriched uranium above the upper limit specified in the nuclear agreement. Doesn't it mean that Iran has violated the nuclear agreement for each country participating in the agreement?

The United States has left the nuclear agreement. For each country that is still participating, "If Iran keeps the agreement, we will also keep it. The choice of the United States is irrelevant."
Isn't a nuclear agreement a collection of individual agreements between Iran and other participating countries?

Is that not a rule?

For participating countries in the nuclear agreement, the reason for participating is that it would be in the interests of Iran to protect the nuclear agreement, or if the United States would withdraw, if Iran continues to comply with the agreement Things should have been appreciated. The participating countries have decided to support Iran.

Iran could not make this decision.

The United States chose economic sanctions instead of military attacks. Other countries can not support Iran if it is a military attack. However, economic sanctions will allow other countries to support Iran. The United States respected the free will choices of other countries.

Is this the rule?

Iran did not know the rules in the current international community. You would say, "I did not try to know the rules." Did you mean that from the beginning there was no intention to cooperate with the current international community?
For Muslims, does that mean that the current international community is a system created by Christians?

For Christians, Muslims seem to have a difficult side to understand. Take an action without being understood and hesitate to cause a tragedy.
If Muslims use this thing, they may not try to understand the rules of the international community made by Christians.

Islam should provide room for coexistence with other sects and pagans. The time from the appearance of Muhammad to the present is probably a period when Muslims and Christians have repeated wars, but it should also be a period when they have coexisted.
If there is no room for coexistence, one should have already been genocide.

There is probably room to persuade Iran to find a point of agreement that can respect the rules of the international community created by Christians.
Islam is a religion that can tolerate the existence of paganism.

In the eyes of one Japanese, who has lived only in Japan, it seems that Muslims do not seek to gain the understanding of Christians.
This may be a bias that is judged only by biased information.

I will mention one episode that may also help to understand Islam, which I mentioned in the past.

It was a time of the Iraq war. When the Hussein regime collapsed, some people robbed government buildings. At that time, a religious leader read and interpreted the scripture and taught those who looted that "public things should be returned to the public." Then people carried the looted thing into the mosque.

For the Muslims, it must have been Allah's command that "public things must be returned to the public."
The content of the religious leader's own interpretation of the scripture was taken as the command of Allah and there was no problem.

I heard in Islam that there are no special people. I heard that even though he is a prophet, he is regarded as an ordinary human being who never changes with other people. Sometimes we may not know in advance the command of Allah, or we may read the scriptures and misinterpret them.

Presumably, the idea that "when something happens, the teacher will tell people what they interpreted the scriptures and if they obey it, they will see that Allah's command has been kept." I think that exists.

It did not matter that the religious leader did not know in advance this Allah's command. Because we are human beings, we can sometimes break the command of Allah without knowing it. At the time of knowing, it seems to be a doctrine saying that it is good if you keep it.

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The fact that the interpretation of the scriptures is entrusted to religious leaders in the position of a regular human teacher means that there is a possibility of various different interpretations depending on the individual? It will be said that it is accepted as an Islamic thought. ... This thought itself is also due to an ordinary human being interpreting the scriptures?

In Islam, I think that the root of the cause of the sectarian conflict that can cause tragedy sometimes occurs here.
Here, there should be people who coexist with Muslims, even with different sects and religions. Not just in the news. Perhaps the majority.



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