NO.040 Created following the previous article in January 2019. There are some voices asking about the war responsibility of Emperor Showa, but that would be inappropriate. The Emperor of Showa does not know if he knew the historical significance of the establishment of the Constitution of Japan as stated in the preamble to the San Francisco Peace Treaty. Emperor Showa would have been worthy of being saluted. ・・・Theme label: Showa Emperor and Heisei Emperor

Although there are voices asking the Emperor Showa's responsibility for war, it would be inappropriate.

Emperor Showa has never been able to stand in the political scene and should not have been able to take direct command. In the Imperial Palace, if I dare to say, it should have been isolated from the political scene and only received regular and emergency reports from the Prime Minister and others.

Emperor Showa told Gen. MacArthur, "I have never thought I am a god." "Why do we need to make a human declaration," he was protested against the suggestion of the Marshal.

Emperor Showa would have had no confidence in his own judgment. His Majesty will always have been plagued by what he should do.

Dr. Naoki Komuro later pointed out that many researchers had doubts, "The Showa Emperor's judgment was always the most correct, but why did he not exercise his leadership?" . It would be too harsh to require this duty for a person who is believed to be a non-God person.

At the end of the Great East Asia War, when no one in the Japanese government could do anything, Emperor Showa declared that he was fully responsible and decided to accept the defeat.

Emperor Showa visited Gen. MacArthur and told the Marshal that "I appeared in order to bear the full responsibility of this war." Later, judging by Gen. MacArthur's recommendation, he chose to make a human declaration.

Emperor Showa was chosen to be a symbolic emperor, who was positioned in the Japanese Constitution.

"If I decided earlier the end of the war, many people would not die," I think the Emperor Showa kept suffering.

The Constitution is a constraint imposed on a nation in order not to repeat the past tragedy.

The Constitution of Japan is a constraint imposed on the Japanese nation to prevent Japan from repeating the tragedy of the Great Japanese Empire.
The Dainippon Empire Constitution was an independent constitution established by the Japanese. The Japanese Empire Constitution caused tragedy. So, the Japanese Constitution had to be enacted under the leadership of the Allies.

This is the law of history. Now, if the Japanese Constitution is changed, it will prove that the law of history has been correct by ruthlessness.

The Great Japan Empire has been destroyed. They ran into aggression and were destroyed by other countries. The Dainichi empire government could not make a decision to avoid the destruction of the Japanese people. Until then, Emperor Showa, who had been isolated from the political scene, made a decision to avoid the fall.

Those who could only destroy the Great Japanese Empire would have to repeat the same thing even if they became a new government.

Now, the descendants of the Remains of the Great Japanese Empire are trying to steal Japan.

Other countries will not forgive Japan this time. Other countries will not miss a true war criminal this time.
Not only that. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces, who are forced to sacrifice, will be forced to revenge on the Japanese government.

Self-Defense Force personnel are prohibited from stating the true intention. Self-Defense Force personnel are required to keep their minds deep in their minds and carry out orders.
Japan's mass media should have opposed the constitutional amendment as a duty of journalism.
But they did not do that and continued to incite constitutional revision.
The SDF members will never be able to forgive Japan's mass media.

The SDF members can not help but get revenge on Japanese government and Japanese mass media before fighting the invaders

Japan will go wild again in the war if the Emperor again becomes a present god. In order not to let that happen, the Showa and Heisei Emperors respected the Japanese Constitution and chose to be a symbolic Emperor himself. The Emperors of Showa and Heisei continued to declare so.
I think no one else could go against the will of the Showa and Heisei Emperors.
So I think that nobody could change the constitution for 70 years

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