NO.027 Mr. Bolton, Mr. Khamenei. Iranians. American people. Let's talk. ・・・ Theme label: A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran Category label: Iran

Mr Bolton warned Iran that he should not think America is weak. Are individuals and groups who are inspiring people, saying, "The United States is weak," exist in Iran? I think this situation is dangerous. The United States will not be able to tolerate this condition forever.

It is difficult for the United States to understand Islam. And those who are willing to use this thing will exist. So, they continue to try to prevent the United States from understanding Islam.

Because the United States does not understand Islam, the United States can not formulate a purpose-oriented policy against Islam. To that end, the United States hesitates to take action. There are those who are trying to use this thing.

@khamenei_ir was also recognized as an enemy trying to use the Sunni and Shia rivalry.

The United States will soon take action. If it is recognized that the United States has attacked Islam, then Muslims who have been moderate may also decide to step in on Jihad. Muslims outside of Iran may also go on jihad.

The following contents were sent to @RSF_ar. I would like to ask @RSF_ar to help Christian society understand Islam.

I am a Japanese person. As far as I see in Japanese mass media reports, it seems to me that Muslims are not trying to gain the understanding of Christians.

Muslims suddenly get angry with Christians and cries out for violence while shouting out Jihad. Christians do not understand why they get angry. Christians will only see the Muslims as those who want to do violence while shouting out Jihad.

The Islamic demonstrations of Muhammad's caricatures are one such example. If Islam prohibits idol worship, Muslims should not regard the satire as Muhammad. Muslims should consider caricatures to be nothing more than a pattern drawn in ink on paper.
However, Christians can not understand why Muslims are angry and appeal to violence. Christians are asking Muslims to explain why they are angry. To understand Muslims.

Even in the Christian sense, it is not preferable to put a cartoon depicting Muhammad in a magazine etc. so that it looks like a Muslim, as it means that Muslims will test whether or not they will worship idols. is.
If Muslims protest, "I do not want us to try.” Christians will repent.

Here, the protest should be something for Christians to be conducted in a peaceful manner.
Christians hope that the Muslims protest in a violent way, "There may be some reason we do not know yet. We want the Muslims to tell us why." It should be.

It is proof that Muslims do not understand Christians that Muslims suddenly resort to violent demonstrations. If each other remains incomprehensible, we do not know what kind of tragedy is caused. Is it the purpose of Islam to genocide Christians? Is there no room for Muslims and Christians to co-exist?

If Muslims choose to be with the Christians with compassion, I hope the Muslims will be understood by the Christians. The following content has been sent to the US government agencies account and below.

Isn't the constitution of the nation of the Muslim nation very different from the constitution of the nation of the United States and Europe? The spokesman of the Atomic Energy Agency of Iran makes an official remark that threatens the members of the nuclear agreement, In America, isn't it unthinkable?

If the United States does an act with an American sense, is it possible that people in the Islamic society can cause an unimaginable reaction of the Americans? Is there any possibility that the moderate Iranians will break into Jihad?

The purpose of the country of Iran is to serve the way of Allah. The purpose of the daily life of the Iranian people is to serve the way of Allah, and the Iranian people serve the way of Allah by conducting daily life under the supervision of a teacher. ... Is this understanding appropriate?

If that were to be the case, that the United States would take a war on Iran would threaten Iran's people to serve Allah's way, and the people of Iran would take a jihad. ... Is this recognition appropriate?

And is Mr. Homen's saying, "For religious reasons, we don't hold weapons of mass destruction" is mercy for the United States to avoid jihad?

Let's convey this to the United States. I do not know whether my recognition is appropriate or not, but I would appreciate if you could answer in the United States.

I sent the above contents to one of Iranian religious leaders.

I heard that jihad is a battle with those who threaten the way of Allah. If, for Muslims, living a life according to the law is to serve the way of Allah, that the United States take the war against Iran threatens the everyday life of Iranians serving the way of Allah. Is not it?

Even moderate Iranians will not be able to step on Jihad? If religious leaders call on Jihad, there is no possibility that even Iranians who have wanted peace until now will be able to step on Jihad? Islam Isn't the purpose of the society of the country existing for the religion of Islam?

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